Wyoming, Day 2, Jackson to Cody

We began the day with a simple goal – make the 4-hour drive from Jackson Hole to Cody. We would be traversing the southeastern portion of Yellowstone National Park, driving out the east entrance.

We had no idea what we were in for. We spent a little time at a waterfall (Lewis Falls), which is one of Carolyn’s happy places. After exiting the national park, we began a descent down the Shoshone River canyon that could only be described as “surreal,” and “other-worldly.” Sharp, jagged rock formations and outcroppings looked like giant castles and worn-away statues. Hoodoos abounded everywhere. This area doesn’t really have a name, but my thought was, “Why isn’t this a national park?” There are place names like Elephant Head Rock and the Holy City, but this section of the Absaroka Range bears no distinguishing identification.

I see formations like this and am reminded that many of these beautiful features are the result of God’s judgment. The global flood of Genesis 6-9 wreaked unbelievable devastation on the planet, much of which is celebrated today in our national parks and forests. It is humbling to note that even in the judgments of God, mercy is shown, as he has given us these natural treasures to enjoy.

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