Love’s Redeeming Work (coming 2023)

Coming Soon! Love’s Redeeming Work: Treasuring our Savior and His Great Salvation – The ordo salutis for everyone

Delving into the great truths of how redemption is applied, Love’s Redeeming Work is a treatise on the ordo salutis (the order of salvation). Readers will find rich truth to ponder as they grow in finding their value in Christ’s incredible pursuit of his elect.

Take Root Bear Fruit

Take Root, Bear Fruit is Mark’s first book, a theological treatise based on nine rich passages of Scripture. From these Mark organically discerns doctrinal content, using time-tested methods of Bible reading and study. Designed to target readers interesting in content deeper than a study Bible but not as technical as a full commentary, this would be a helpful resource for group or self-study.

Take Root, Bear Fruit paperback book

Passage-based Theologically rich Life-Connected


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