about Mark

My name is M. Graham Knox (Mark), and I am a follower of Jesus Christ, a husband, a father, a grandfather, a church elder, and a friend.

And a pilgrim in this world who has been saved by amazing sovereign grace.

Back when I was a kid, if the education system had had the alphabet soup of labeling kids that they have today, I certainly would have been ADD and/or ADHD and medicated out of my mind. But since I wasn’t drugged into oblivion, my mind is free to roam on a variety of subjects. This is good for the pilgrim life.

So, I meander about with various interests and activities. It could be making music one day, writing the next, and shooting photographs the next. I have a passion for studying the Bible and seeing God’s people grow in their biblical and theological literacy. These passions fuel much of my writing.

Like all good pilgrims, I like to travel and see many places in this world that’s not my home. I keep striving for that “perfect” photograph, while also learning to be present in the moment. I try to notice things that escape most people’s attention.

If you scan the history of this blog, you’ll see a wide range. I write a lot on theology, but also travel, music, and whatever random thoughts pop into this ADD mind.

Professionally, I have been an educator, a minister, and a leader in business. I’ve been speaking, writing and teaching for over 50 years in various settings. I am retired from daily work, my most recent position being on the leadership team at Chick-fil-A of Hendersonville, North Carolina. I am a certified ServSafe instructor and an elder at Steadfast Church (formerly Missio Dei Church) in Asheville.

Carolyn is my wonderful bride, and we raised 2 sons. We now live in the mountains of western North Carolina. I am an amateur photographer (and you’ll see some of my work on these pages) and musician. I’m a huge fan of “The Office,” “Parks and Rec,” gaming, the NFL, Cleveland sports, and fantasy football. I was on the Browns bandwagon before it was cool.

If you want to get ahold of me, it’s real simple –



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