Wyoming, Day 1, Travel Day

Ever watch the movie, Catch Me if You Can, with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks? In it, DiCaprio plays a con man who, among other things, impersonates an airline pilot. It was set in the 60s, during the glamour age of airline travel, when pilots were sought out for their autographs, and flight attendants were always young women and were called “stewardesses.”

Travel is nothing like that.

Oh, our flight crew was friendly, engaging, and professional, but travel is not this mythically glamorous experience like it used to be (if it ever was).

Our flights were changed from what Carolyn originally booked, leaving us with a very short layover in Charlotte, an arrival in concourse E and departure in concourse A. This was followed by a long 2nd leg to Jackson, Wyoming. I’m afraid the young man in the aisle seat was ready to brain me with my second trip to the restroom.

Then there’s the whole rental car issue. Rentals are at a premium this year, and we paid almost twice what we paid last year. Plus, I had this nagging fear that the rental reservation would fall through and there would be no car.

All this created a little anxiety. When we finally sat down for a late lunch, I prayed a prayer of confession for my worry. After all, what’s the worst that could have happened? Instead, I wasted mental units on worry that should have been used for rejuvenation.

Speaking of lunch, our first destination was Liberty Burger in downtown Jackson. This is our favorite eatery in a town full of good culinary destinations. Their shoestring fries are the bomb.

Tomorrow, we drive about 4 1/2 hours to our AirBnB north of Cody. Hopefully without the unnecessary anxiety.

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