The ordo salutis, defined and documented

In my last post, I introduced the ordo salutis, or order of salvation, and began to describe what it means to live in the salvation of Christ. By thinking in terms of an order to salvation, we not only can clarify what salvation is in our thinking, but also place ourselves in that process, if we are united to Christ.

I enumerated the nine “steps” of the ordo in the last post, noting that other Reformed thinkers may have some slight divergences. But this is, in general, in keeping with the traditional framework of Reformed and Calvinistic theologians.

I now want to offer definitions of each part along with biblical documentation. By no means is my list of Scriptural references exhaustive.

In future posts, I hope to establish the rationale for this sequence. Some of these blessings of redemption occur simultaneously in time, e.g., Faith and Justification, or Justification and Adoption. So why is one placed before the other?

As I noted before, perhaps the most distinguishing mark of the Reformed order of salvation is the placement of Regeneration before Faith (Conversion). Establishing the validity of that placement also merits further discussion.

I am currently writing an extended book on the ordo salutis, with the purpose of deepening our understanding and esteem of our great salvation (Heb. 2:3).

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