He Gets Us?

He Gets Us continues to spread their message of…I don’t know exactly what. Here’s another take on this mushy messaging.

Cody Fields

Hear it on iTunes and Spotify.

Jesus disagreed with loved ones. He didn’t disown them.

So says one of the myriad commercials in the nine-figure He Gets Us campaign, one of which will air during this Sunday’s Super Bowl.

That’s all I have for an introduction. Let’s just pick this apart.

What does the Bible say?
Whenever a claim is made about Jesus or his earthly ministry, our immediate response should be to ask where in Scripture that claim could be made. The only primary source material we have about Jesus is Scripture, so any and all claims must be supported with Scripture.

So, was Jesus prepared to disown his family over a disagreement?

Well, yes.

Mark 3:21 tells us that his family thought he had lost his mind, and when they went to get him, he retorts, “’Who are my mother and my brothers?’ And looking about…

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