D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones on theological systems

I’ve been in dialog with a reader on some of my former posts, and his challenges and questions have been helpful to my thought process. I hope I have also given him something to think about. This graphic contains a powerful quotation from expositor extraordinaire, the late D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, from his Romans: Exposition of Chapter 7:1-8:4, The Law: It’s Functions and Limits. It should give us all something to think about in regard to our theological positions.

2 responses to “D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones on theological systems”

  1. Lloyd-Jones has missed the point of Romans 7 himself. His explanation of this passage is just another explanation in a long list of failures to satisfactorily explain this simple chapter. I say “simple” because it is exactly that, once people stop fooling around with its truth.


  2. Thanks for your comment!

    Interestingly enough, I purchased this very volume of his Romans series because someone had told me that he took a kind of “second blessing” view of 7:14-25. This surprised me, as I didn’t think DMLJ would take that view. I found that he did not, in fact hold a 2nd blessing, perfectionist view, but he also departed from the common Reformed treatment that Paul was speaking of the Christian’s struggle with indwelling sin, even among mature believers. This is the view I take, along with many others. I’m not sure if that’s what you’re referring to when you speak of a simple explanation.

    That said, I found this quote in the graphic at the beginning of his discussion of the admittedly controversial passage. As a stand-alone quote, I find it to contain wise counsel.

    Thanks again for engaging with your thoughts. Hope to hear more from you.



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