Take Root, Bear Fruit summer sale!

Are you looking to take your Bible study deeper? Summer is a great time to invest your thoughts into the deeper truths of God’s Word. My book, Take Root Bear Fruit, can help you do that, with 9 chapters of study in some of the most theologically-rich passages in all the Bible.

This is a short book (less than 100 pages of text), but you’ll want to take your time and savor these dear doctrines of the faith. Study along with your Bible open and multiple color pens handy!

And, because I want to get this book into your hands (and off my shelf), I’ve lowered the price for the month of July…from $16 to $12. So order now! As they say, these prices can’t last forever! (Well, they could, but I’m trying to create a sense of urgency here.)

Take Root, Bear Fruit paperback book

Summer pricing Passage-based Theologically-rich Life-connected


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