3 questions to break the power of the phone

I read an online article last week where the author admitted to needing help with his cell phone “addiction” (his word). I sometimes find myself being held captive by this tiny pocket computer which occassionally is used for making phone calls.

In his therapy, he was advised to ask 3 simple questions as he clicked on his phone –

What for? Why now? What else?

What for? – What is the purpose for accessing your phone?

Why now? – Why do you need to do this now?

What else? – What else could you be doing instead?

These were the questions that caused him to pump the brakes on his phone use and helped sever the allure. He even put these questions on his phone’s lock screen to provide an additional incentive to do something else.

I thought that was such a good idea that I created such a lockscreen image for myself. And now I’d like to make it available to you.

These 3 simple questions can help you stop wasting time as you consider what better thing you could be doing besides browsing on your phone. Could you have a phone-free conversation? Might you get some work done? Could you read a book? MIght you do something creative? These are 3 questions that could sever the power of your cellphone over you!

Save this image (right-click, or take a screen shot). Then set it as your lock screen to remind you to only use the phone when you really need to.

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