Wednesday, April 22, 2009

by Mark Knox
Well, today is Earth Day, and all across this land, in school classrooms and on newscasts and TV shows, the cry will go out that we must do all we can to “save” the planet. And in recent years, the whole banner of Earth Day in particular and environmentalism as a whole has been “global warming” (or the more current, less specific term, “climate change”).

Rather than a celebration of the Earth, I believe that this day has become more of a celebration of humankind and all the vast power we hold in our hands – power to impact and mold and shape and even destroy the planet…the planet, mind you. This has become mankind’s new Tower of Babel.

You remember the first Tower of Babel, don’t you? Genesis chapter 11? Where they were building a huge structure to “make a name for ourselves.” That’s exactly what’s happening now with the global warming rhetoric.The power that humanity holds is enormous…if you believe the standard rhetoric.

A video on Yosemite National Park that I’ve shown in my classroom surveys the various forces of air, water, lightning, and fire that acted together to form the great Yosemite Valley. Toward the end of the video, after touching on some comments related to global warming, the narrator ominously intones, “Man is now the ultimate force in Yosemite.”

Wow, that’s pretty powerful. It’s almost like the line in Star Wars when Darth Vader claims, “The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force.” Except we should change it to, “The ability of glaciers, volcanic action, fire, and water erosion to create Yosemite Valley over thousands of years is insignificant next to man-made CO2 emissions.”

Believing that we hold that much power in our hands allows us to ignore science, or at least interpret it in such a way that the data fit our analysis. We can ignore the power of the sun and its fluctuations in determining climate change. We can ignore the hundreds of years of data that indicate that CO2 levels increase hundreds of years after (not before) temperatures increase (generally as a result of the oceans being able to contain less CO2 at higher temperatures). And we can also ignore the fact that we’ve been in an 8 year cooling trend, or that back in the 70’s Newsweek magazine was ringing the alarm bell for global cooling.

Oh wait. That’s why the environmentalists now talk in terms of “climate change” rather than “global warming.” That way, no matter what the climate is doing, it can somehow be attributed to almighty humanity. Because after all, we hold all the power. Look at all we can do.
As we carry on and try to “make a name for ourselves,” God must sit in his heaven and laugh. And then God will move in some way so that in his judgment, we are forced to abandon our Tower of Babel and it will lie desolate. God will not share his glory. He is the ultimate power…in Yosemite, and in all the earth and beyond.(Imported from the old “Unintelligible At Any Speed” blog, originally posted April 22, 2009)

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