What does it mean to live in the salvation of Christ?

Living in the salvation of Christ is to have been called by God to faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ. To have been justified freely by God’s grace. To now be living in the daily struggle to mortify sin and grow in the sanctification without which no one will see the Lord. To endure until the end of life, holding firm to that original confidence. Indeed, to have come to share in Christ and one day to be received into glory. This is a site to find those truths.


  • Tanzania 2022 – July 11 – The red hat tale

    In our excursions in Tanzania, we were all impressed with the kindness and friendliness of the Tanzanian people. Nowhere has this been more apparent than in the tale of the red hat. On Sunday the 10th, after attending a church service in Majengo, we arrived at a venue for lunch and a report from some…

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  • Some of the trees in August (a poem)

    Some of the trees in August around hereget a jump-start on the seasonThey drop their golden bladeson grass that still requires twice-a-fortnight mowing They don’t get the noticethat their cousins in October getbut it’s a portent of things to come It’s as if they are heralding a greater, later eventA glory that isyet to be…

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  • Tanzania 2022 – July 10 – No longer a face on the refrigerator

    Yesterday brought us to a school in Majengo. After a brief welcoming ceremony, which included singing children and tribal dancers, I got to meet the child my wife and I have sponsored for several years. During all this time, various photos of Talik Dalusi have adorned the side our our refrigerator, chronicling his growth over…

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  • Tanzania 2022 – July 9 – Travel, travel, travel

    I believe we have lost all sense of size and space. Technology has put the world instantaneously at our fingertips, and in just over 24 hours, we can travel across the planet. And then, using our tech, we can call loved ones back home and talk like it’s no big deal. No. Big. Deal. But…

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  • Tanzania 2022 – What is the mission?

    I’m leaving for Tanzania tomorrow. What is the mission?

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  • Is abortion safer than live birth? Not for everyone

    So, I see this chart on an article about abortion. It portrays that the death rate for the mother in an abortion procedure is less than during a live birth. “Safer.” Problem is, they’re leaving someone out of the equation. So I fixed the chart. There are alternatives to abortion. There have to be.

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